About Affiliate introduction

Advertisement & Sales support using affiliate tools

The position will help to increase the recognition of our services by putting a movie advertisement or a banner advertisement introducing our services on the blog, SMS, or emails.

You will get a reward from the advertisement or sales you expand, when visitors see your advertisements, click, and come to jump destinations to apply using the mail form it offers.

Features and merits at hanbai.asia

We have one-shot products with a high reward and advertising products with a continuous reward.
We deal with service products which are competitive and easy to sell.
You can utilize your spare time by doing some work at home.
Various support tools such as a banner advertisement with images, a movie advertisement, or an email advertisement.

The sales reward is a high rate reward or a continuous reward

You provide good support to sell expensive products, but you receive a commission of a small percentage only?

The products achieving good sales results are the ones to be continuously used over a long period of time but you receive a reward one time only?

There are mostly two patters in selling products; one-shot, expensive products and continuously demanding low price products.
For the continuously demanding service products, we keep paying the commission.
For the one-shot expensive products, we pay a high reward.

Types of products・Original services・Products

We do not have many types of products.

Continuous commission for the continuously demanding products and a high commission for expensive products。

You can use your favorite tools you are good at such as a blog, a home page, SNS or emails. For your marketing activity, you put an advertisement with images, movies, HTML, or anything like that on them.
We cannot say that affiliate is easy, but we can provide tools for movies or HTML advertisement for you, which helps you to sell our products one by one. For a new product, we also advertise new products via affiliate and see the result. Products showing good results only will be registered.
Even if you cannot reach to an expecting achievement, you won’t be suffered from the loss you make. Please try first.
Yes, you can stop it immediately. If you remove the banner link from the blog or SNS, it stops soon. For the advertising mail, you can stop it at any time you want.
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